Looking for hex for taz3-auto level

I just can’t seem to flash my taz3 by using arduino. When compiling I always get errors, and I am not proficient with correcting the software (or installing it).I have tried the bed leveling software from “1013” and “The spark of me” but always come up with some kind of compiling error. I have used the Cura method using HEX to reflash, WORKS GREAT and is very easy to say the least. Now if I could only find the same for the auto level I could get back to work designing and printing. I want to do experimenting and additional upgrades and re-leveling the bed is a real pain. I have all parts printed and waiting to install. I just need the flash.

What specific compiling error are you getting? Also, which auto leveling package are you attempting to use? Specifically a 1013 style swingarm, or one of the inductive sensor types.

Thanks for replying,
I don’t remember exactly what the errors were but it seemed to deal with missing commas or such. I have tried two different Marlin firmware. Listed below are the two places where I had found my info. Once I had gotten 1013 software uploaded but the LCD and cooling fan did not work. The problem was rectified when the original taz 3 firmware was loaded through Cura (HEX). Loading that firmware was a snap and that’s why I’m looking for the leveling firmware embedded in HEX if it is out there.
reference to “setup” and reference to “loop” on IDE 1.05 on “From spark of me”


From Spark of me



From 1013