Loose Red Wire ?

This printer was a gift, I noticed one of the small red wires is not connected near the head.

The directed fan doesn’t turn on (with the 3d printed part that points air towards the nozzle) but the other one the side mounted extruder one does.


Does anyone know what this loose red wire might go to?

That’s almost certainly the wire from the fan. My guess is that someone upgraded that printer to a Taz 6-ish carriage but didn’t run both wires to the same connector so only one of the side fans is live. The center barrel cooling fan is required, the side fans are nice but if they aren’t working you can print ABS just fine, and PLA with a little difficulty. Check out https://ohai.lulzbot.com/ to find the printer that matches yours, and all the wiring diagrams and photos are there

It was the thermistor wire. Replaced with a new one and works fine.