Lowering Stepper Current

Any downside to lowering the stepper current in order to get the motors running a little cooler? Right now my X & Y are running at around 65C and I believe some layer shifting in my Y is due to overheating.

Right now:

M906 X975 Y975

Looking to cut the current down 20% or so to see if there is a noticeable improvement in cooling. The moons are rated to 1.5A of current.


TAZ6 / Archim2 / Openbuilds X&Y

It won’t hurt to give it a try, but most steppers have no issue with 65C.

The motor being hot is pretty typical.
For a typical NEMA 17 stepper, the rated temperature rise is 80 °C above ambient and the maximum operating temperature is 130 °C.

Got it. I guess I read the Moons spec sheet wrong. Troubleshooting a y shift issue and noticed it was hot AF to touch.

Make sure the board (stepper drivers) has plenty of cooling. Particularly with the Y axis driver, as often the same stepper driver is often used to drive (2) motors in parallel. If the stepper drivers overheat you’ll lose steps.