Lulzbot Midi?

Hello all,
While going through my needs and accommodations, I realized that I can use a Lulzbot Midi. I’m dreaming of a machine that is not as huge and bulky as a TAZ but not as little as a mini either. Something that in the middle ground of both products with the auto leveling and cleaning and all that would be really nice. I wanted to get TAZ 5 but it seems like my schedule doesn’t really allow me to tinker with it right now too much and it looks daunting. On the other hand, mini will get the job done but I will split parts into pieces and mount them together using screws and stuff. Rather than that, a plug and play “Midi” would be convenient for users like me who’s whole purpose is not to learn ins and outs of the 3D printer but to make parts for my prototype bio-research equipment.

The next Taz version might be of interest to you. It looks like it will incorporate auto level and other nice improvements. It is still large but should take some of the fiddling out of the process.