Lulzbot Mini 1 USB device not recognized

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Trying to debug this for the local library to have a 3D printing room.

Running Windows 11. Get the following error when I plug the Lulzbot in:
“USB Device Not Recognized
The last USB Device you plugged in to this computer malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it.”

When I go in to device manager, I see:
“Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)”

I got this message both before and after installing the Rambo driver.

I don’t think the driver is the problem because is the USB descriptor can’t be read, Windows is not going to try to load any driver.

I get this message no matter what order I power the computer vs Lulzbot up in. If I hold in the switch and power up the computer then Lulzbot, or Lulzbot then computer, I get the same message.

After I release the switch the fan comes on briefly and then off.

I opened the cover and the board is a “Mini-Rambo 1.1b”

The amber light on the board near the USB port is illuminated regardless of whether the front panel ON/OFF switch is on or not. I assume that means that the USB +5V is seen by the USB interface IC (ATMEG32U2-MU)

When the power switch is turned on, the GREEN power LED between the USB Connector and the RESET button illuminates steadily. The AMBER LED between the USB Connector and the RESET button blinks twice and then goes off.

Any thoughts on what can be done? I do not want to swap out the board because I am not sure I can get another “Mini-Rambo 1.1b”. I do not know if it is even possible to replace the “Mini-Rambo 1.1b” with an upgrade board as is posted on other comments on this website. I do not want the library to put the expense in to buying an upgrade board and then find out that the board didn’t solve the problem.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Windows 11 shouldn’t be needing a driver for the Rambo, at least not for detecting it. It may need it for flashing firmware, however.

Try a different USB cable first, then try different ports, and if possible, bring a different computer in and try plugging in. If all that fails, it could be the motherboard, but the boards themselves are rarely a failure point in these. The drivers on the board though? Those are good for years of use, but do eventually go out.

Counter-intuitively, you can also try adding an older USB hub between the printer and your computer – some newer USB ports, especially USB3 and/or USB-C ports do not correctly negotiate down to the slow speed used by serial devices such as the Rambo board. Adding a USB2 or USB1 hub between the computer and the device, oddly enough, sometimes resolves this.