Lulzbot Mini - gaps in layers using Chromastrand

Hello all!

I’ve recently become responsible for two more 3D printers. This is in regards to the Mini. I do not know much about its history or previous problems so am just taking things at face value for the moment. This machine is primarily run by outside users who have beginner/novice skill level.

The Lulzbot Mini is running default quick print profiles for Chromastrand (Innova1800) and prints only with this filament.

Recently we have started to see this issue (see image) where there are huge gaps in the layers and some layers are nothing but random wisps and blobs.

The hobbed bolt is clean and fine.
The nozzle is not clogged.
The nozzle is clean/wiped itself
The filament is extruding fine and there is no shearing/flaking.

Any tips on where to go from here?