Lulzbot Mini & GeckoTek Z-Offset?

I picked up a GeckoTek build plate for my Lulzbot Mini. The 170mm x 170mm fits over top the PEI layer, but of course this increased the bed height by about 1mm. Does anyone know how to move the Z position to adjust for the new bed height? Is there some kind of GCode I can load to tell it that?


How thick is it? If it isn’t too thick, buy longer screws and put the corner washers over the new bed plate. If it is too thick, you might have to shim up the nozzle wiper and change the start-up gcode to match the new z position.

The plate is roughly 1mm in thickness. I did notice the metal disks that hold the PEI plate down don’t like the new height, so I need to account for that too. Is there anyplace with info on how to adjust the gcode for the new z position?

If it is only one mm you probably won’t need to change anything for the wiper pad. The heater block shouldn’t hit anything that thin.

I still need to figure out how to move the head up a little though, my first attempt to print ended up with a squished first layer.

You should be able to put the new plate under the corner washers, that would take care of it. If not, adjust the Z offset in your slicer positive until you get the first layer you need.