LULZBOT pro filament jammed

Hello I have pro machine first extruder filament jammed on it so it not coming out or not melting, is there anyone can help with this, and the second question how can I select extruder 2 only when giving the work from Cura I select the extruder 2 but when the machine starts the first extruder, and also I tried to change from filament change option, it running 2 minutes while the screen shows that option when the screen comes back the main menu it goes back to the first extruder
thank you

Filament jams in just about any extruder can often be cleared by blocking the “always on” cooling fan and heating the extruder to the stuck filament’s normal temperature and pulling the stuck filament out the top. If you can’t pull from the top, and you have another filament with a much higher normal temperature, you could use a piece of that to push the stuck filament out of the cool end of the extruder into the hot end. Pull this second piece of filament out and uncover the cooling fan. For example, clear a PLA filament jam with a piece of Nylon or ABS filament.

I like to use eSun’s cleaning filament and cold pulls to keep the filament path clean. The cleaning filament has a very wide range of temperatures so it can be used to clean everything from PLA to Nylon. You can google or search this forum for how to do a cold pull.