Lulzbot Pro Material Profiles

Hello, I just received my lulzbot pro a few weeks ago and I am trying to run a print with some ngen colorfabb filament. However, I don’t see a material setting for ngen in the Cura drop-down menu. Is there a way I can import the material settings for ngen?


If you are running Cura LulzBot Edition 3.6.21 then it is on the list.

In the upper right corner you’ll see the two extruders, pick one … then below you’ll see a “Category” pull-down. nGen will only show up if the category is set to ether “All” or “Intermediate”.

E.g. set it to "Intermediate.

Now you can click the “Material” pull-down menu and you should see “nGen (colorFabb)” at the bottom of the list.

(It was probably also in Cura LulzBot Edition 3.6.20 but I have 3.6.21 installed.)