Lulzbot silicone bed... defective?

Is there a proper way to test for a defective heater?

I have an NPH PC-BD0027 24v 360w heater that may be defective.

I’m just looking for a way to confirm or deny.


The heaters are made of concentric heating coils in kind of a square shape. A defective heater would be missing power to one or more of those coils. There is no cicil mdatly over the area where the wires and thermistor enter the bed. If theabed isn’t heating atll, it ccoould bearak in the main wires, or a fault with the Rambo board

Check the heater with an ohm meter, it should read around 2.4 ohms. If it is drastically different then I would suspect it is bad. Make sure you check it when the bed is unplugged.


I hope this message finds you well. I am working with a NPH PC-BD0027 heating pad (24V, 360 W). I am currently outputting 8V and 5A to the pad and measuring its temperature. I ran this experiment a few weeks ago with the same 40 W going in to the pad. At this time, the pad reached a temperature of approximately 130 F. However, it is now failing to get hotter than 100 F. The resistance of the pad is 1.6 ohms. What could be going wrong? Is the pad broken? This has happened with two different pads.

If this is a taz 5, the connector at the control box is known to fail. The pins get hot and lose connection.