Lulzbot Taz 5 dual extruder using OctoPi

Just want to hear some feedback from anyone that has installed the Octoprint system using the dual extruder on a Taz 5. Hoping to avoid any pitfalls etc. Really would appreciate any insight.

I’m using OctoPi / OctoPrint on a RPi 3B controlling my TAZ 6. I have both Dual Extruder V2 and V3. I’m very happy with this setup.

Ditto. I’ve used the Dual V2 and V3 on my TAZ 5 with Octopi on a RPi 3B. No issues.

I have been having a problem with consistent feeding of the filament into the extruder during a print. It has happened at different points during the last 5 prints I have been attempting with the Cura driven octopi rig on my Lulzbot 5 with dual extruder V3.
Not sure why the filament is jamming/stopping…perhaps the gears that pull the filament into the extruder are not grabbing the filament well enough or they chew off too much material and can no longer grab the filament well enough thus causing the system to stall. I have tried different materials. Not sure best path to try and resolve this type of failure. Please advise.

If it’s the gears, then you can adjust the idlers. I suspect that it is more likely the path from the filament spools to the tool head.

I have my spools mounted on the top of my TAZ 6 and when I use the Dual Extruder V3, I have to be careful to get the spool rotation correct to prevent binding.

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What type of filament? If PLA then its most likely heat creep due to the single heatsink. Adding a larger fan seems to help, but doesn’t solve the heat creep issue with PLA.

I’ve had issues with filament binding on the spool. If I suspect that might be the case, I’ll unspool a little filament to relieve the binding. My spools are on rollers that help to contain the filament. Orienting the model with the longest face along the x-axis also helps to “pull” filament off the spool.

Thanks! I really appreciate your help. I heard hoof beats and thought zebras instead of horses!! I think you are 100 % correct about the idler settings! I will adjust them again and I feel like that will solve it. Thanks again!!

Thanks I will make those adjustments. I really appreciate your time and insight