LulzBot TAZ 5 Motherboard swapped for RAMBo 1.3, printing only limited to a few inches on X/Y Axis


I am currently using the TAZ 5 printing model and due to software malfunctions after restarting my computer during printing, this left the printer only functional on the horizontal axis, it seemed as if the vertical axis was removed. Attempting to fix this, I looked online and found the solution of simply replacing the circuit board by the RAMBo 1.3 board. After doing this, the printer regained its vertical axis ability. However, the vertical movement is only limited to 1-2 inches. Are there any hardware changes I must make to fix this issue, or perhaps a software change.

It sounds like you may just need to install the firmware for the Taz 5.

The RAMBo boards come with some kind of firmware on them but that firmware is not going to work properly with your printer.