LulzBot Taz 6 Shutting off when leveling

Hello all! I recently just got a used Taz 6 for a steal, upon buying I knew that its auto leveling feature didn’t work. (Which was the reason for the steal. The old owner said he replaced the motherboard on the printer to an, “Ultimachine Rambo board” which he said has all the same functionalities as the stock motherboard except it does not have leveling capabilities. After I got the printer, I decided to look at the board myself, where I am confused is that the board is the RAMBo 1.4a, which is the board now recommended for the taz 6 from what I have found. None the less, anytime the printer is told to level, it homes, and then starts down on the first corner, all looks good until it noticeably compresses the board and then shuts off. Other than this the printer works great, I ran a tolerance test on it and it printed steep angles with ease and cleared the 1in bridge with no issues. Does anyone have any idea as to what is going on? Thank you for any help!!!

Does it boot with a lulzbot logo? If not try loading the latest taz firmware. After that, check the harnesses for the zero sense wire, make sure it’s still connected through to the motherboard.

It does boot with the logo but is on Marlin firmware. I am going to try and look further into the zero sense with a multimeter when I get the chance and I will update.