Lulzbot taz 6 - Toughest printable material


My client asked if my printer can print DIN RAIL. If you dont know what is it, it’s a straight horizontal bar to hold PCB in a switchboard. Check it out

We all know that metal composite material for 3D printer is not tough, as such, my client told me it doesn’t need to be metal. Just print using the toughest material my printer lulzbot taz 6 is capable of.

I assume that PLA or ABS is out of the question for this. My question is, what do you guys suggest I print with? Let me know as well what is the long run effect your suggested specialize material can have on the nozzle.


There are a few DIN rails and rail mounts that are printable.

Hi piercet,

Thank you! Ah polycarbonate, i read that it needs a very high temp. 295 nozzle and 150 bed correct? Do you think nylon is enough for this print? Polycarbonate seems overkill lol.

I’d try abs first, as long as the rail is 4mm thick or more it should be fine

Just curious, but why would anyone want it printed? I do a lot of larger scale control projects, so I use this stuff often. I just wondered why someone thought printed was better or required over commercially available?

I am printing almost exclusively with PC-MAX for strength and durability. It should print as no-brainer using the PC-MAX profile in Cura.

Hi vesteroid, to answer your question, the din rail supplier in my country has been monopolizing the market. Resulting in my client, whose company is a main switchboard manufacturer and supplier to rise up in cost. He don’t mind having substitute for the steel bar. Also he is the one who came up to me in the first place without me having to propose anything.