Luzbot 5 Single, printing in squiggles

We recently replaced the hotend on our TAZ 5 printer and soon afterwards it started to print in squiggles (see photo attached). Have you come across this issue? Any suggestions on how we problem solve?

Thanks in advance,

My best guess would say that your e-steps are off, and/or your nozzle diameter may have changed with the new hotend.
I could be wrong, since you just changed your hotend, I don’t think you have a clogged nozzle.
also check your z-hight and make sure that you’re not printing too far from the bed.

What hotend did you change it to? If you bought a lulzbot brand hotend you can update the firmware in cura lulzbot edition to the correct one.

More pictures of your hot end & tool head, the first layer printing, and details on your new hot end will help. Are you using the latest firmware found in the latest version of Cura LulzBot Edition? Download it here:

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