Major differences from Taz 4 to Taz 6

Ive been gone travelling for 1.5 years and I was in the middle of upgrading my Taz 2 into Taz 4, now I want to get a close to the Taz 6 as I can without buying a new bed plate for that self cleaning, leveling stuff…

What is the major difference between Taz 4 and 5, just the nozzle?
What is the major difference from Taz 4 and Taz 6?

Major differences from a 4 to a 5 are the nozzle and the PEI bed surface. The power supply is also better in the later Taz 5’s.

From a 5 to a 6, the main differences are 12mm x rods, integrated PSU housing inside the control box, UL listed, Different feet, auto bed leveling (mini style) slightly different leadscrews and motors, the fillament guides are capable of folding up instead of fixed, and the overall print area is minimally smaller due to the auto leveling space requirements. (about 3mm smaller in one direction if I remember right). Also the Carriage and hot end are much better, no more stupid squirrel cage fan, two PLA fillament cooling fans, more rigidity, etc.

The larger rods, carriage and the auto leveling are the biggest features.

I would say the hot end as opposed to nozzle. (Hexagon from a Budasnozzle.) Giving a wider range of filaments types you can print with.

Here’s everything you need to know about the differences between the different TAZ versions
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