Making nGen shiny again after sanding

I did an nGen print, but the bottom came out a little bumpy because I was careless about letting PVA glue stick build up on the plate. Sanding did a decent job of smoothing the uneven surface of the print bottom, but now the sanded part is dull, not nicely shiny like the rest of the print. (You can tell I’m still learning!). Is there any way of restoring the shine to the sanded section? Thanks!

Getting the sanded areas to look exactly like the rest of the model will probably be a bit of a trick unless you sand the rest of the model but you can improve the surface quality of the area you sanded to make it more shiny by sanding it with a finer grit sand paper.
Also, Colorfabb has a guide about post processing their Co-Polyester filaments like NGen. It has a bit of information on sanding as well as some recommendations for different coatings that may help to improve the surface quality (mostly paints from my cursory glance).
SPMBS1802.pdf (970 KB)