Marlin Mesh Leveling for TAZ6

I heard that a new marlin firmware may be released soon for TAZ 6, Workhorse, and Pro that changes the corner bed leveling procedure into more of a mesh leveling protocol. Anybody have better details or know when that might be released?

I am very interested in this, too.

@2str8 @KylJoy Yes you heard correctly! it has been in experimental Cura Lulzbot edition on our website for a little over a week now and just today it was moved to stable CuraLE.

The improvements involve using Bilinear bed leveling vs Linear bed leveling. The printers still use the nozzle and washers to probe the build plate, but it produces a mesh rather than tilted plane. All of our current work can be found on our LulzBot 3D · GitLab
If you are not wanting to update CuraLE for the new firmware, you can also find the new firmware files here.


Thank you! Took me a while to find it, but it’s there. :+1:

Will this update trickle into the Mini1 and Mini2’s?

Also, I’m seeing available on Marlin’s GitHub repo. Can I flash that directly to my Lulzbots, or is that guaranteed trouble?

Uh-oh! Update failed. How do I recover my printer? Details posted here. .

The Mini2 will see this change but unfortunately we no longer manufacture the mini1 so there will not be any further development to this model. Marlin base firmware on GitHub can be configured to run any of our models. However, from marlins GitHub it is not setup to directly compile after download for out specific settings such as Tool Heads swap menu or printer specific callouts to match with our Cura profiles. Here is where you can see our fork of marlin if you want to dive into the world of firmware.