Anyone working with Matteforge?
I have several great prints working with their matte white. Just received grey and not getting usable prints. Any notes on settings much appreciated!

Their website lists the printing temperatures as “180 - 220C (ideal 195C)”

It’s possible this is a temperature issue, first try printing with a temperature 5-10 degrees colder than what you are using now.

Then if that doesn’t yield the results you are looking for try increasing the temperature by 5-10 degrees from what you were using.

Some pictures of your current prints would be helpful as well for seeing what may need to be changed.

I’ve noticed that there can be a difference in nozzle temp requirements with different colors of some brands of filaments. I’m currently testing MatteForge black and haven’t hit the sweet spot yet but getting closer. I’m having a real problem getting objects to stay attached to the PEI bed past about 10mm high or so.