Matterhackers ABS, anybody having clogs?

I switched to MatterHackers ABS when Lulzbot ran out awhile black. I have run through 4 rolls of it and it prints fine but I have had more clogs than in the past 4 months than in the past 2 years and I ended up having to change the nozzle 4 times (could not clear the clog out, tried acetone (for 3 days) tried burning it out with a torch and even tried drilling but snapped bits off in the nozzles.

They seem like a good company and I know people recommend them but is it possible their ABS has junk in it?

I print with .35mm nozzle @ 245c (I won’t go any lower as I need the layer strength). Eveything seems to be printing then it just runs dry and my extruder chews through the filament and the nozzle is a brick at that point.

Yes, with a roll of Matterhackers black ABS. It clogged “impressively” in an Ultimaker 2 while I was trying to make a part for a deadline. The Ultimaker extruder (or feeder) is fairly weak, so I didn’t think much of it. However, I was in a rush and needed the part to be black, so I shifted over to the Taz 4 rather than trying to clear the Ultimaker. Despite the Wade’s extruder being much beefier, the Taz also clogged. I ended up swapping materials, and was able to make my part, but later had to disassemble both the Ultimaker and Taz hot ends to clear particle debris.

I later took a sample of that roll to try out on my very reliable Printrbot. It also experienced clogs, resulting in a hot end disassembly. In the end, I disposed of the remainder of that roll and haven’t purchased any additional material from Matterhackers.

Years ago, when my Taz 2 was new, I found the standard quality Matterhackers ABS clogged my nozzle frequently. Their Pro series worked fine.

So, I actually decided to perform a test. I took 30CM of the black ABS and dissolved it in acetone, once dissolved i ran it through a paper filter and guess what I found, lots of thread or hair like strands that did not dissolve and don’t belong.

I believe these to be the cause of the clogs. I may get some of their Pro series and try it. From a brief question when I was at MatterHackers for a party I asked what the difference was in the 2 (after I already purchased like 4 rolls of the cheaper stuff) and I was told “Well the Pro os made here in the U.S. and it’s the only filament guys will print with”.

Cheap Chinese filament often has filler in it. Melamine powder is one of the more common ones, I’ve also seen sawdust and garbage plastic bits used. Cheap filament made by thieves is 80% of the reason that people think 3d printer nozzles clog all the time.

True. I thought I could trust MatterHackers not to sell me junk though and it’s not listed as made in China but I was told that when I wanted to know the difference in the 2.

I have sent an email with the photo to support. They were telling my either I was printing to fast (80mm/s) or that it was burning the filament and carbon was the cause. I will wait to see what thy decide to do about it. I want to keep them as a dealer since they are only 80 miles from me and don’t charge shipping but if they hang me out to dry on this filament I might have to move on. If I do stay with them I will buy only their pro series that’s made here in the U.S.

Thought I would put an update here. MatterHackers has handed my issue to another ‘tech’ and he says the debris in the filament was not surprising and that it should not be the cause of clogs (say what??) he still blames my settings and says that I should be printing at 60mm/s and that my 80mm/s is way too fast (I have successfully printed at 120mm/s in the past). Oh and I did have the filament set size off by 0.02mm and that supposedly contributed to the clogs (I had 2.83 instead of 2.85. It actually measures 2.84 in most spots).

If I had to print at 60mm/s I would need another printer as I am using this for business and I keep it quit busy as it is. If I print faster it works but the surface finish is not as good.

I have already ordered some more filament from Lulzbot and I have a sneaky feeling this will solve my clogging problems.

My (hopefully) last update.

MatterHackers has replaced all my China filament with Pro series (not 1:1 because the pro is more expensive but I expected that).

So far with 30+ hours of printing I have had no new clogs (With the China filament I would be lucky to get 10 hours without a clog).

MatterHackers did end up standing behind their product and for that I am grateful. Maybe the China stuff would be OK with a larger nozzle but I don’t know.