Messed up PEI from Zoro Tools

I want to start by saying I actually like Zoro Tools and have purchased many items from them but I needed a new sheet of PEI and they the seller I bought from last time.

This sheet looks like a 1st grader cut it as it’s about as rough and jagged edge as you can get and it’s a full 1/4" undersized as well. I purchased a 12" x 24" sheet (enough to make 2 beds) but the usable portion of this one is less than 300mm I need.

Now this was obviously 1 persons screw up in the warehouse. I will say I called them right away and they are sending me out a new sheet and having it measured and inspected by the warehouse manager first. I was on the phone less than 5 minutes so the CS is good.

Just thought I would share.

That does look like a poor cutting job.

Some companies refer to 300 mm as 12" in their descriptions, even though it’s a couple tenths of an inch short.

Just for kicks I tired cutting a little of this with scissors (really good scissors) and got a perfect clean cut so I think maybe they were overdoing it with a jigsaw or something to tear gashes into it like that.

You probably got the last piece in the stack…