MightyTool - Compact multi-tool mounting hardware.

Multi-tool mounting hardware supporting.

  • Four extruders.
  • Milling spindle.
  • Laser.
  • Microscope.
  • Depth probe.

Github Repository: https://github.com/mirage335/MightyTool

Emphasis was given versatility, compact layouts, and modularity. Based on aluminum extrusions, all custom brackets can be made as small 3/16" aluminum plates, easily fabricated with little as a hax saw and hand drill. Additionally, an integrated milling spindle design is offered for use with lightweight machines.

Since this platform is specifically designed with normal LulzBot Taz compatibility in mind, I do hope to see some actual use by other members of this community. Mounting brackets for LM8/10/12UU bearings are simple, an example LM10UU chasis design is available.

ToolPlatforms.pdf (450 KB)

How solid do those corner brackets seem to be so far? I had one of the larger 2 hole per side ones, and it seemed to have more flex in it than I was anticipating. it was an off brant extrusion provider too though, so it may not have been hardened properly.

All the corner brackets and cubes I get from OpenBuilds seem to be rock solid, incompressible and inelastic. In some cases though, tightening order does seem to be important. Ideally, one side should be tightened down such that the next will have to close a small gap. Then both screws should be torqued about as tight as an allen wrench will go (or more accurately, setting 12/16 on my Bosch cordless drill).

Milling spindle motor (250W brushless) and coupling has been modeled. A lot of functionality can be packed in under 4.3lbs!

Hyrbid layout render image provisions.
[]Two bowden extruders.
]One direct drive extruder.
]Depth probe.

All under 4.3lbs! This will definitely get deployed to my older Taz3.

Assembled and working with a half-decent printout. Quality issues are primarily due to lack of sufficient cooling fans, and a tilted bed. More fans will be added, rubber foam used for heated bed mounting will be replaced with corkboard.

Also, dedicated ACME nut blocks have been spring-mounted to replace the standard anti-backlash nut blocks from OpenBuilds. Observable precision remains <3um, while acceleration up to 20000mm^2/s has been successfully tested.

Do you have room to make a 2 block with a spring between them style anti backlash out of your new blocks? I suppose that would add weight though.

Yes, something like that could be done. Anything added to the sides can tuck under the frame, essentially wasting no build area at all.

However, one advantage to the current approach is the opportunity to pack massive quantities of grease internally. Thinking about adding a grease point for maintenance.

EDIT: Also, weight is not all that critical for MightyTool. Stock Taz machines already carry ~2lb tooling loads (~4lb for dual extruders). Mostly, it is important not to combine engineering tradeoffs. For instance, a far-out center-of-gravity AND out-of-line extruders could incur some hassles on weaker machines. Otherwise, this is an ‘order-of-magnitude’ concern - below 4lbs is excellent, below 7lbs is fine for stiff machines, above 12lbs will start to incur extra wear and diminished performance.