Mini 1.04 Bootloader for ATMega32U2 on Mini-Rambo?

Hello all!

I recently had a stepper driver fail on my 1.04. I picked up a new Mini-Rambo 1.3a from Prusa (the lowest cost option from trustworthy sources) and am trying to get it spun up but have run in to a snag.

I can load Lulzbot flavored Marlin in to the main ATMega2560 without issue. However, Cura Lulzbot fails to detect a device. I’m pretty confident that this is because the ATMega32U2 on the Mini-Rambo is IDing itself still as a Prusa i3 MK2 board.

However, digging around I’m unable to find any firmware blobs for this. Even the Cura install only includes “Marlin_*” files none of which appear to be compatible with the USB controller. I’ve dug around the downloads as well and was not able to spot anything obvious. I was able to find something like this for TAZ, but nothing under mini: Index of /TAZ/6.0/production_parts/electronics/RAMBo/bootloaders

Can someone link me to a working hex file? Thanks!

I am well aware the ICSP interface must be used and requires external hardware.

Was never able to find a hex file, however I ripped the firmware/eeprom/fuses from the old one and used this guide to program the new one: GitHub - PrusaOwners/mk3-32u2-firmware: Updated Atmega 32u2 Firmware for the Einsy Rambo