Mini 1 hot bed not working

My hot bed stopped working and i tried with a spare i have, nothing.
Measuring the V in the conector nothing.
What can be wrong?
Evry thing els works.
is thera a fuse in the control box?

Almost certainly a broken wire. Open the electronics case, being careful of the USB connector. Check continuity of the bed heater wires. Mine are two purple wire next to each other. Move the bed in and out to see if the circuit opens and closes. Step 3 shows the Rambo and the location of the bed heater

I got 24V on the MB socket and cabel connector on the MB side,
No power at the bed connector, i have to remove the cable to inspect where it is broken.

I know of no other way.
If I were you, I’d first try heat shrinking and/or taping new wires to the ends old ones and carefully pulling them through the cable chase.
And I would do both at the same time. In case the broken one separates, all may not be lost.

I had the same problem month or so back. I found a broken wire in the cable chain. I did as was mentioned above and pulled in two new 16ga wires with the old ones. Works great. I did have to buy new Anderson Power Pole connectors to connect to the bed though. I didn’t want the added connection and failure point of a butt splice. In those tight quarters.