Mini 2 Aerostruder heating block orientation?

This morning I changed the nozzle on my Mini2 and it started wiping with the nozzle in front of the pad.

I notice that the heating block was parallel to the faces of the cooling cage and recalled that the heating block on my machine has always been rotated at 45°. OK, I must have rotated it to parallel with the nozzle change. Rotated it back to 45° and the nozzle now wipes as before. Problem fixed?
When homing Y it does a double-slap as the build plate reaches its forward position. Anyone else experiencing this?

Anyone else’s heating block at 45°? If not, it would seem my Y positioning is out of alignment and my heater block really should be parallel.

Corn-fused. Thoughts?

That does not match the OHAI guide for the extruder.

With support’s help, Mini 2 is fixed.
I was running Cura 3.2.25 and now back to 3.2.23.
Firmware was and now back to
Either or both caused problems described above and the visible rectangle of the heater block is now parallel to air cage. :slight_smile: