Mini 2 Purchase in 2022


I have an opportunity to get a near new Mini 2 for a good price (almost half msrp). I’m wondering if it would be a good purchase in 2022. I know the model is getting a bit dated. I have an Ender 3 S1 at the moment and I want something more durable/reliable that I don’t have to fiddle with every few prints. I wish to use Superslicer as my slicer and would like to match the quality of the prints I get with the Ender at higher speeds (100mms).

Are these reasonable expecations for the Mini 2? Any other advice?

Thanks in advance.

I wouldn’t buy it at half MSRP. Maybe 1/4. Not that they are bad printers, but that they are so robust(and repairable) that being used doesn’t really matter, and I regularly see used with add-ons for about $500.

I run a mini 2 at work, and have a taz6 at home.

I’ve been looking for a good deal on a mini2 with aerostruder for $400 or less, but with things like the ender s1 being less than that, it is hard to justify that much for the limited build volume. The default Cura le slicer settings for the mini 2 are extremely conservative. I’ve regularly run it at 200% speed and had exceptional prints.

I would say that even with the aerostruder, it’s a bit limited. The M175v2, or the revo hemera toolhead from it-works3d really open up what you can do with it in terms of speed.