Mini 3 Z endstop settings verification

What is the factory value for the Z Endstop on the Mini 3 and how do I verify if I have the correct value on my printer?

I have a new Mini 3 that uses Klipper/Mainsail. I adjusted the Z offset and saved using Mainsail which apparently defaults to updating the Z Endpoint and not the Z Probe position

There really isn’t a factory value to go back to. Each printer is individually calibrated to set the z endstop position and it is slightly different for every printer. The easiest way to re-calibrate the z endstop position is to use the touchscreen. Home the printer, go to More/Move and manually move the nozzle to about 10mm above the center of the bed. Go back to the More menu and pick Z Calibrate, then tap start, then pick Endstop. You’ll need a piece of paper, I use a sticky note. Inch the nozzle down until the nozzle just makes the paper drag a bit when moved under the nozzle. I start at 1mm increment and move down until it grabs the paper, then move it back up one click, and switch the increment value at the bottom to the next smaller value and repeat. When you find the height that just drags on the paper a bit, tap accept.

In Mainsail, you can change the default to save to probe. Click the gear icon to get the settings page, pick control on the left, scroll down a bit, and you should see a spot where you can change it from endstop to probe.

(Hopefully I got all that right, I’m writing this. from memory, I’m not near a printer right now.)

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Thanks for this detailed response. What I ended up doing was looking at the last backup of the printer CFG file before I made the change. I found the Z endstop value and compared it to the current printer CFG. I then raised the Z axis to the difference between the two and saved. I basically undid what I had done. When I have a bit more courage, I will go through the process you described. For now, everything is working well. Thanks again and have a great week!