Mini Firmware Manual Movement Bug

So the other day, while trying to fix an issue, I ended up updating the Firmware on my Lulzbot Mini. The original Firmware was from over a year ago (for the record).

Anyway, on top of noticing how it now moves for things such as calibration different, I have found what appears to bug with the Manual Movement controls. In both Cura and OctoPi, I am running into issues where manual movement commands just stop working. They usually move the print head or bed a few steps in any direction but then stop and only support going backwards (from the direction they came from).

The only way I have found to fix this is I must move the part (print head or hot bed) to the home position with the respective control. Once I do this the controls work perfectly.

Kind a of nuisance, since I store my print when off in a different setup, so on boot I must move it to home position to get the manual movement controls to work

What I have found is that when the machine looses its “home” that is when you cannot move an axis in the direction you want. If you re-home it through software then the manual movement will work again as expected. Manual rough movement seems to throw it off.

I hope this helps.