Mini power supply small clicking noises

Hi, So I woke up to find my mini was not printing. I can hear a small clicking noise coming from the power supply. Just need to confirm with someone that the Power Supply has gone out and I should order a new one or if I should be further worried. I’ve opened up the side of the power and the clicking seems to come from the green light here that flicks on for a millisecond and repeats every second.


Sounds like something shorted out in your Mini that is shutting the power supply down. I would contact the AO support department if it is still under warranty.

So you do not think it is related to the PSU ?

Well if you have the cover off, then just unplug the red/black power plug that connects to the control board and see if when you flip the power switch on the front the green power valid LED stays on. Yes - short somewhere No - PSU is bad.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of that! Thank you!

The problem is unfortunately something not related to the SPU… sooooo that’s great ha