Mini v1 Autolovel X Axis hitting

Hi all,
I just acquired my second used v1 mini. For some reason on this one when performing the autobed level, the X axis hits the right Z bracket fairly hard.
I made sure I had the right toolhead selected, Single Extruder (its the v2.1).
I also tried jogging in cura and pressing the limit switch and the limit switch correctly stopped it. It appears to work fine on my other mini?

Have you made sure the X carriage is square to the z uprights (not tilted left or right)? You may need to disable the motors and turn the screw on one side to ensure both sides are flush at the top.

I will check tonight, thanks!

So it helped, but it still hits. Not quite as hard now though.
Ill have to measure against my other printer.
This is with the exact same head and firmware.

Tempted to see if i can change the marlin code to not move as far when autoleveling.

On a side note I am wondering if this will help with the z wobble i was seeing. It seems more level now and less z coupler motion when printing since more level so less to compensate for. My other mini has no wobble at all.

@intelinc So I now realize the bracket holding the x carriage is different between the two and its not hitting the limit switch on the one mini

It seems like 1.0.3 vs 1.0.4. I’m guessing 1.0.3 is not compatible with the V2.1 heads. Maybe I’ll try gluing something to to hit the end stop