Mini2 Corner peeling up

I have a Mini 2 which has performed brilliantly for me over the past year. Most of what I print is small using the middle half of the print bed. I am trying to print a large flat item now and the front left corner of the print seems to always peel up. Adhesion hasn’t been a problem at any other time. I just completed a print and used a raft and as the raft is printing the problem corner doesn’t print quite right whereas the rest looks fine. It appears to me that perhaps that corner is just a tiny bit off level - perhaps just a bit lower than the rest of the bed and thus the print doesn’t quite stick there. I haven’t seen a procedure for bed leveling/tweaking. If that’s the problem it’s probably a very fine adjustment. What should I do?

Depending on how big the print is, bed is hotter in the center and cooler as you go out. So that’s where I have the most peeling as well. A case has helped big time and sometime for larger prints I bump the bed temp 5-10 degrees up.

Well I thought it wouldn’t be too difficult to figure out how to set the bed temperature but then I looked and although I was able to change a lot of things I couldn’t find that - bed temperature. Could you point me in the right direction?

I roughed up the bed with 2500 grit paper and alcohol and did two large prints that didn’t peel up. Would still like to know how to set bed temperature though too.

It should be under the material setting. Same spot you adjust the extruder temperature.

Cover your printer. Drafts can cause curling - and you’d be surprised just how little of a draft you need! I use a large box to place over the printer when doing a bigger print. Keeps the temperature stable,

I also slow down the print speed by 20%, so each layer cools more per pass, resulting in less curling (each layer de-stresses more before completely solidifying).

These two things - a box and a slower print - have eliminated parts curling no matter what the size. Now if I can just get the unit to stop tossing random “low temp” bed errors on the latest versions of Cura (versions older than 23 don’t ever have this problem - but are not compatible with the Aerostruder head).