Moarstruder Error E! heating failed

I know the company is being restructured but folks please keep the support up - we paid for those machines and rely on them at work. I repost here because in hardware my other post is days old now and via phone I cannot reach anybody.

Our moarstruder tool head suddenly started to show some issues

at first during print we experienced some heat runaway warnings

but now the printer gives an “Error E! heating failed” always when heating up the extruder after the calibration.

What is odd is that heating for the filament change works well.

I also swapped out the tool head to see if this would happen with other tools too but this only happens with the moarstruder tool head.

I read that this might be an issue with the thermistor.

Please advice how we could repair this.

So I assume we should simply ignore focusing on Lulzbot and switch to a company that has is more reliable.

I understand the current restructuring but not responding to hardware failures and repair requests is a pretty bad situation for us in education when our lab is filled with Taz6.

I guess during the next omnibus purchase proposal we should rather then go with ultimaker again.

Maybe since this happens after calibration it could be a wire that is either half broken or maybe loose? I check resistance on the thermistor (there should be a resistance between the two leads of the thermistor) if you can make it so that at some point there is no resistance between the leads then you would have to replace the thermistor.

I do not have a tool to check it but could buy one.

The other problem is when it is the thermistor as it seems currently you cannot even buy a replacement.

A company called itworks3d has a lot of lulzbot parts in stock still. You would have to double check but I think this thermistor is the one used in the moarstruder. I know it says for e3dv6 but it’s also a cartridge style 100kohm ntc thermistor and it looks like the connector is the same.