Modular Print Bed Height Issue

I installed the modular print bed system. To save the sag everyone has problems with I printed some supports to just hold the plate up to the glass. My issue is when I print the nozzle is very close to the print surface, causing some sloppiness in the print. I have turned my Z-offset to -.70 which seems insane to me. I think it could go higher even. Anyone else have this issue or suggestions?

The Z-offset is there to account for (but is not equal to) the difference between in height between the washers and the bed. If -0.70 (or any other value) works for you, then use it.

From what I’ve read, the modular print bed system doesn’t always leave the washers “level” with the bed surface. This results in using the difference between where the nozzle hits the washer and the bed.

These are pretty close I think. Prints coming out good. I had it set at -1.28 before installing it, now 1/2 that with this installed. Prints stick like crazy, great heat, I really like it. Was just a little freaked out by the crazy print head alignment. I have two of these printers, the other one has to be at -1.35 or more to operate correctly. So with a stock plate on both about .07 difference between two printers. One thing I have learned settings are not universal!

I installed a modular build plate system from BuildTak and had the same issue. I had to change my Z offset to 1.8 for use with my MoarStruder and 1.2 with my standard tool. You can check out my how to video at if you’re interested. Z-offset is around 2 minutes in.