Motor Damper From Factory?

I purchased a Lulzbot Mini from the Microcenter in Fairfax Virginia this week and thought it looked like it had been used for more than just the calibration print but it was all packaged professionally and everything was included so I didnt think much of it. However, I went to install a damper on the y-axis stepper and noticed that it already had one… It also has one on each of the z-axis motors. It does not on the x axis or the extruder stepper.

I guess my question is are they shipping from the factory with these dampers installed now? Build date is in May 2017.

That sounds like you have a stock Mini 1.04! The dampers became standard after the 1.03 production run.

As for the rough looking, if there are any concerns please send some photos into and they should be able to determine if anything looks out of place.