Mounting a Pibow Coupé Raspberry Pi case to a Mini

I’m running OctoPi and wanted to mount my RPi to my Mini. While there are a number of preexisting options, I wanted to use my current case: a Pibow Coupé case. This case gives easy access to the GPIO pins for hats and I have a Display-O-Tron hat to output various stats. I also wanted to be able to hang the RPi camera inside the frame.

So while it’s a pretty specific use case of accessories, the Pibow comes with some holes already drilled in the back. I didn’t have to modify the case at all. I was able to use those and some of the empty holes on the Mini frame as mounting points and created a bracket to mate the two. I’m also using the plexi enclosure, so the Pi case bracket accommodates the small mounting brackets the enclosure uses so everything fits without interference or modification.

I figure it’s possible someone may be interested in it, so here’s the thingiverse link: There are links to the various components on the thingiverse page as well.