Move Taz 5 bed over 1cm?

Would there be anything wrong with moving the taz 5 bed over 1cm to the right. As it sits now the nozzle is about 12mm from the left of the edge of the bed but can go much further to the right of the bed. Would it be feasible to move the whole bed assembly right by 10mm without changing much firmware wise?

Edit: Sorry I posted that when I wasn’t in front of my printer. Just slide the entire bottom perpendicular frame assembly to the right the distance you want.

Can’t move the extruder over left any further. I have the Taz 6 extruder so the left fan goes too far. I have maybe 1mm clearance for the z leveling screw. I guess I am talking about doing step 2 in the link below but instead just moving them a little further right.