Moving Mini with Enclosure

How do I transport my mini with the enclosure? Do I have to remove the panels or should I create a floor for the mini slightly larger than the enclosure?

Which enclosure might it be that you have?

The one Lulzbot sells on their site which is made by Printed Solid

I’ve had very poor luck moving the Mini with any part of that enclosure attached to it, as can be seen by the repairs I’ve had to make to one of the side panels on my Printed Solid enclosure. So I’d say remove all of the enclosure before moving the printer.

Actually, I’ve had poor luck in general with moving the printer even without the enclosure – it doesn’t like it; I suspect there’s enough flex in the metal frame that it needs some time to “find itself” again, because the first prints for the first few days always seemed to be more challenging… I tried putting it on a plywood base, and picking it up by that base rather than by the printer frame, but quickly realized that if I just attached that plywood base to the workshop wall with an appropriate brace to hold the weight, I’d never have to move it again. That’s proven to be the ideal solution - the printer is happy, I’m happy, and guests are happy that it’s not in the guest room anymore!