Multi color print

I want do a print using multiple filament colors. You know, the old stop at layer height, change filament, restart routine. Well, I tried it last night using simplify3d and I ran into a Z height issue that I think is related to auto leveling. So, after searching here I found this post that I think nails the core issue:

So, has the ability to use the last probe matrix been addressed yet in the stock firmware? Please say yes! :slight_smile:

Second, is there another documented way to do this? If not, this is excellent functionality that we’re all missing out on. As it stands, I think it is impossible to print in multiple colors which is a true shame. Any insight or guidance you can provide is much appreciated. Thanks!

I am just beginning to explore this myself. I’ve seen some impressive results on other Reprap machines so surely it can be done on a Lulzbot as well.

My Filament change gcode does just that on my Taz 5.

I’ve created a “Pause at Layer” plugin for Cura that extends the built-in Pause at Z plugin.

Maybe it’s of any help?

This is what I did, it works well, but it is a bit time consuming to set up.

The trick is to make sure you don’t do anything that would clear the leveling matrix. Avoid commands like “home”. As I mentioned in that post, I don’t know if running the printer from Cura works with M0. I use Octoprint to run the printer and it worked there. That test print was somewhat annoying as the black was 2 layers if I remember right… It didn’t give a lot of leeway for things to work right. I found the best option was to prime the extruder and immediately resume. I got a little oozing but it picked off with tweezers easily. Better than the layer not printing properly.