My new Taz 3 is up and running!

Took delivery of my new Taz 3 the day after Christmas!

Can’t wait to see what you guys create with it!

Are you compensating for the table or do you need another foot (front right corner of the Y-axis bed)? Nice signage btw!

Thanks guys!

The folded paper towel is compensating for the table top which is sagging. When at my 3D Printing desk at home it sits nice and level. Overall I am impressed with the TAZ, and can not wait to write up my full review after CES 2014 next week.

is that one of the new 24 volt heated beds then?



I’ve been meaning to write about my TAZ 3.0 for a while. I guess many people seek out the forums when they have some trouble or looking for an answer to something, but my experience has been that it’s just working really well, and I’ve had no problems at all. Or, I should say, the problems I’ve had have been due to me being too eager to read the manual first :slight_smile:
So yes, I’m very happy and I’m glad I got a TAZ.