My TAZ 5 Enclosure


Sure it looks like just a Thermal blanket but its Specially modified one!! it worked fine on my Mini. Looks like its working on my T5, temperature under the cover is 20 degrees F warmer than ambient.

You should consider upgrading to one with a beach or floral themed design. I hear they don’t really give much better bed adhesion, but they do tend to make the prints look prettier.

Yes… we need to be more creative . This winter I may need to switch over to the electric heated model.

Nice! I like the cutout for the LCD screen. :slight_smile:

Is this something that needs to be patented and then put on the market?

I would be afraid people will mistake that for a printer ghost at night!

Still better than my “Turkey Bag Special”

Sew a pocket on the side to hold your tools.