My Taz 5 profile list doesn't have settings for ColorFabb Products

I just purchased a ColorFabb wood filament but notice that these profiles don’t exist on my Taz 5. Do I need to upgrade firmware?

Thanks for your help.


I have it in the Cura 18.03 version I have, in the quick-print selections.

Yes I have this in Cura as well. I am finding if I want to preheat the bed only using my Taz 5 I have to dial in the temp myself as there is only a setting for PLA, ABS and HIPS bed preheating. Is this what everyone has right now? I was hoping there would be a ColorFab Bronze fill, Wood Fill etc or do you just use PLA setting?

Looking at the spec for the filament it looks like PLA (185-195 degrees).

Are you referring to the LCD screen preheat temperatures, or the Cura Quickprint Settings?

LCD preheat temps.