New Dual X-Carriage Dual Extruder

Got this in my emails today about a new 3d printer called the the BCN3D Sigma that uses dual x-carriages to accomplish dual extrusion:

It appears to be open source since they released the complete documentation for the printer under an open source General Public License. Thought it might be interesting to see if it is worthwhile to mod one of my TAZ 4’s with such a set up and see if anyone has any suggestions.

Edit: Just saw this review from RichRap which gives some credibility to the design. He mostly talks, not much printer demo-ing, but if you watch the time slot 4:30 to 5:47 you’ll see where he say’s he thinks the independent dual head extruders is the future in a lot of the desktop 3d printers and the reasons why.

I’m thinking it would be great if I could implement the dual X-Carriages in combination with the TAZ 6 auto-bed-leveling for each head.