New head material performance questions

Has anyone seen or heard of tests using the new hot end with flexible filiments like ninja flex?
Does the new fan adequately prevent heat creep in the hot end and allow prolonged printing with lower melt materials like PLA?

From what I have seen, the design looks great, but it is new and I have not really seen it put to the tests much yet.

The new hot end, the LulzBot Hexagon, prints PLA and NinjaFlex very well. To print NinjaFlex, you need a Flexystruder or similar.



huh? sorry, confused with your reply. does or does not the new hotend print ninjaflex well?

The new hot end, the LulzBot Hexagon, prints Ninjaflex fine. But the hot end also needs an extruder. The standard extruder on the Mini & TAZ don’t print Ninjaflex very reliably. So on the TAZ, there is the Flexystruder that can be added (it comes with a Buda currently). There is no Flexystruder for the Mini, except in R&D. But when available, it will print just fine.


Thanks for the clarification. I was not catching the distinction between hot end and extruder!

How about the semi-flex on the standard extruder?