New KISSlicer beta now available


This is 1.5 beta 2.20 and the latest and greatest. Available now for Mac and Windows, Linux coming soon.

Changes from 2.16:
Arbitrary Z-gap is now allowed
Fixed a bug where the wipe and destring following support interface paths where at the wrong height when Z-Gap was used.
G-code summary at the end now includes per-extruder filament length (and volume) used.
Optimized object slicing with many small sub-meshes.
You can now add up to 5 layers of support interface on top of the raft.
Pressing delete anywhere in the model tab no longer deletes the model.
Fixed a bug where the animation slider would reset itself every second.
Fixed bug when Slice-and-Save is checked and we cancel the file selection.
Every-N-Layers now doesn’t drag-value-change.
Added a squiggle-base to the prime pillar to help it adhere to the bed / raft.

The 1.5 betas have a number of great new features so I’ve updated my ini files for TAZ 4 and KITTAZ machines - they are attached. If I had a Hexagon hot end to tune, I’d add that, but alas I don’t. If you are using a Hexagon, these may work as they are pretty conservative but check them out and be prepared to dial them in if not. (2.42 KB)