New Member. 1st Print, 1st Fail.

Hi Everyone,

My Taz 5 arrived in the mail today. i tried a print with the new HIPS material and not even 3mm high on a 60mmx60mm print, the filament was shaved completely through by the hob gear. I think either the filament spool got caught and couldnt rotate any further, or the pressure on the filament against the hob gear may have been too much. Also, when i was assembling the Taz 5 today, i discovered that the connector for the tiny fan that blows on the hexagon heat sink was broken, so my fan wasnt working. Obviously all these factors could be the cause to why the filament shaved through and caused a clog, (i have experience with my previous printer, a solidoodle2), but i am wondering if anyone else has had similar problems with the HIPS material shaving inside the extruder? i have since fixed the fan issue temporarily, it is working now. If anyone has experienced the same problem could you please tell me your solution? i would be very grateful.


GoldPhive :mrgreen:

If your blower fan broke, that could cause the hobbed bolt to chew into the filament. So if it isn’t working, that is definitely your problem. We can get you a new toolhead to replace it, contact



Ok. I have emailed support already with pictures. And I have made a temporary fix so that the fan will work until the issue is resolved. Thanks for the quick reply. Hopefully the second print will be fine when I try this afternoon with the fan on

I had this problem with ABS. I dunno if this is what’s going on, but check it: