New member question re: replacement parts

Hi guys, new member here,
I have a question regarding replacement parts.
I bought my Lulzbot 5 used and I’m really excited, got a good deal on it and it has printed flawlessly so far, but there are a few things I need to find replacement parts for.

!. the selector knob on the display is missing, would like to replace it, but dont see it as an item that can be ordered.
Any idea where that could be found?
I know in the scheme of things this is a small item, but my OCD is kicking in and my eye is starting to twitch! Lol!
Thanks in advance.

I am fairly sure it uses the same LCD as the Taz 6. you can print a knob from the Taz 6 parts and test fit it for the cost of some filament.

Knob link

That was what I was hoping for, my fusion 360 skills are still in the learning phase.
I’m sure I could render a passable version but an existing file is always faster/easier!