New TAZ user advice request

Hi All, a new Lulzbot owner here looking for advice on how to get started. I am completely new to this, no experience at all and limited skills.

I was recently appointed the custodian of a TAZ 5 owned by our Men’s Shed (wrong place at the wrong time). Nobody seemed to know much about it but I was told it used to work but now it doesn’t.

I switched it on and via the graphic LCD I can drive all the stepper motors, heaters, fans etc. No filament with it so I can’t test the extruder. So it looks like it is basically OK. Then I thought I would step through the Quick Start to make sure it is all aligned etc. I got up to step 15 - download Printrun. But Printrun won’t run on my Mac (macOS Monterey 12.0.1) due to 32/64 bit issue. I did manage to get Cora working.

So questions are:

  1. Is there a 64 bit Printrun available?
  2. Is there a procedure for calibration & alignment using Cura or other software?
  3. Is there a procedure for alignment from the Graphic LCD? (hinted at but not explained in the Quick Start)
  4. Are there any instructions on using the bed_calibration_0.5noz.gcode file?
  5. Or should I just go ahead and start printing?

Thanks in advance for any advice

We are working on updating Cura LE for MacOS, but in the mean time you should be able to slice for the TAZ 5 using any slicer available. resources/definitions/lulzbot_taz5.def.json · master · LulzBot 3D / Cura-LE / CuraLE_Sidekick · GitLab has the general TAZ 5 info, if you step back a level on the breadcrumb and find your extruder that can give some more information as well.