Just ordered my TAZ and im awaiting its arrival , any setup tips/help would be greatly appreciated.

Cadco3d staff

re-tighten all the bolts you can find after it is set-up…but do not overtighten (use the ball end of the wrench). I found a few that were fairly loose, and 2 that were totally loose in the box.

Oh, and the first time you heat that hot end up it will smell a little. but that goes away after a while.

Check out the manual too:

Awesome, thanks guys ! Hopefully it will arrive this WED.

I’ve done a couple of “startup” videos that you can see here:

Part 1:
Part 2:

James Cameron I am not. :slight_smile:


Thanks geneb !!!

According to Fedx … Shes at my local office, I cant wait to unbox and start printing !!!

You’re gonna love it. Excellent machine. A tiny amount of growing pains, but nothing approaching the level of “show stopper”. Worst I have is a lose pulley and a leaky hot end. :slight_smile: