New Taz6, Help with poor prints

Just got a brand new Taz 6 from the BF sale, it arrived yesterday and am super excited! Need some help diagnosing a print issue that seems to be related to the left and right sides not being aligned. The printer makes noises that sound like the printhead is scraping over the existing print. Especially when moving from the back-right to the front-left.

See the attached pictures to view what’s going on. Also have a video which also shows this issue if pics aren’t good enough, and you can hear the scraping sounds.

What I’ve tried so far is to rotate the right collar to align the left and right sides. They seem as close as I can get them, but still getting these print issues.

The right side looks okay, the left side looks like it’s getting scraped.

I’m at work but will check back this evening. Have not contacted tech support yet, will do so this weekend if it’s not resolved before then. Thanks for any help you can give.

Re-aligned the right side again. This time maybe a little better than last time. It sounds much better with very little of the dragging sound. May have heard it a couple of times, but not nearly as severe as before. Test print came out better:

Now printing a taller object that’s failed a few times when it gets around 4cm due to the dragging issue. Looking good so far. Hopefully it stays in alignment. Have a fresh octopi ready to pair after this.

This about sounds like the same problem I’m having.

I found my left threaded rod to be binding slightly. Can you turn the rods easily by hand with the printer off? If you’re still hearing the dragging sound then it’s not entirely fixed, it will probably gradually get worse over time as you use it and vibrates, the Z axis rods will get out of alignment again. It’s been 2 weeks since you’ve posted this. Have you found a resolution?