New tool head v2 first thoughts review

Installed my new all metal tool head today (purchased from Lulzbot). Install was fairly straight forward though I wish they had included a clear drawing of the large plug to show where pins 5 & 6 were. The plugs don’t have those numbers on them since they are in the center and there is no room but I figured it out.

After getting it installed and uploading the new firmware (required) I went through calibration but I was having a bit of an issue as my measurements kept coming up different, I finally figured out that for some reason I needed to tighten the idle roller down much tighter than I use to on the older one (filament kept slipping, maybe it has a higher pressure build up). Anyway got that done.

Calibrated the Z axis and I was ready to print. First test print was perfect.

Now for the whole reason I bought the new tool head : All metal hot end. I always had layer adhesion issues with ABS. I always felt it was due to the limit of 240c on the Budaschnozzle. So after making sure everything was calibrated I designed a small part with thin (1.5mm) parts sticking up (think fingers on Gopro mounts). I had always been able to easily break these fingers by squeezing them together in my fingers, you could then look at the break and see white where the break was strongest and the material color where it was week and these GoPro like fingers were normally about half white when broken meaning that there was half of the material that was not fully joined.

Well I printed the small test part at 260c to see how it would compare, now the fingers are actually a little narrower than the GoPro mounts (to give a worst scenario test) well, it was hard to break when I squeezed it and the entire broken surface was bright white meant it was as strong as it could be and it had a full bond.

I believe that this will also help with tall thin items from cracking as they go up (like many boxes I printed in the past with ABS). It may not prevent warping but I do have a build chamber for this.

Conclusion: Even though I had hoped I could use flexible material with this (you can’t) new tool head, I am very glad so far that I have it and I plan to delve into more filaments that are better suited to higher temps.

Thanks Lulzbot!

Cool, thanks for your notes. We’re really happy with the new all metal hotends.

Are there any plans to sell just the hot end itself instead of the entire tool head, as you currently do with the Budaschnozzle? Ditto on that lovely new fan :slight_smile: I know the PEI bed is on the way as an individual component (and I’ll be snapping that up straightaway, trust me), but I’m interested in the other new pieces developed for the Taz 5.

I installed the fangtooth on my TAZ4 a couple of days ago and I made a thread for it. Being inattentive I threw this up in the general hardware forum but have a look at it. The nozzle has been a great upgrade for me.

Even though I had hoped I could use flexible material with this (you can’t) new tool head

Why not!? I may be super glad that I have an e3d-v6 coming after all.
Oops n00bed and didn’t look around first
Just print the flexystruder guide and you should be good to go, no?

I know the PEI bed is on the way as an individual component (and I’ll be snapping that up straightaway, trust me)

Is it really that great of an upgrade? I currently use a ~20 line brim for ABS and can print parts that take up the entire bed space without warping issues but it would be sweet if I did’t have to. Is the PEI sheet much lighter than the glass bed? I have my TAZ4.5 printing at 175mm/s with the acceleration set at 2000–trying to get it to print beyond UM2–so the weight reduction in the y axis would be a bonus for me.

The PEI sheet attaches to the glass in place of the current green PET. Since the glass is still there, you wouldn’t see a weight reduction.

Is it really that great of an upgrade? I

I have been using PEI bed now for 4 months (hundreds of prints) and I can say yes, it is that big of a deal. I will never go back to glass alone or using glue, hairspray, ABS Juice… It just works.

My Taz 5 is on a truck too be delivered tomorrow… Hopefully.

While doing research, I picked up a PEI sheet for my current printer (of about a year). Its pretty amazing stuff… ABS prints just stick. With a brim and patience for a completely cooled print, no warping at all. Put the enclosure for the current printer on the back-burner indefinitely.

I’ve been using a PEI sheet on an Aluminum plate with my slightly modified AO-10x for a while now, and it works really well at about 1/4 the weight. For a TAZ you would definitly need a thicker plate than the 5mm one I am using, and that one is sitting on the circuit board based heatplate, but something along those lines would be feasable. Maybe a 7mm aluminum plate? or a 5mm with a stiffening frame between the corners in an X pattern? I dunno.